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Obamafail Politics

A WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT - It's A Lot Like This, But You Don't Get That Warm, Satisfied Feeling from Obama Like You Do When You Take A Leak And Wash Your Hands

O M G - We Should Be This Lucky

HE WANTS YOUR MONEY - So He Can Dribble It Back To You And Make You Grateful For What Little You Get Back

REGRETS - I've Had A Few (This One Is Huge)

AIDING AND ABETTING - Isn't That A Federal Offense I Find It Extremely Offensive

OUR PRESIDENT - He Loves Us All.... Except maybe Soldiers, Christians And Hunters Oh, And Anyone Who Can Think For Themselves

ANOTHER - Day At The Office

SCREAM - It's Bush's Fault It's Bush's Fault It's Bush's Fault

OIL SLICKS - They're Not All In The Gulf Of Mexico

JOBS CREATION - Not One Of Obama's Strong Points

ABANDONED AUTO PLANTS - Perhaps This Administration's Greatest Accomplishment

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO U.N. - And Played Ole Bammy Like A $5.00 Fiddle


STIMULUS PACKAGE - She Has It In Her Hands

IT'S NOT HOW OTHERS SEE US - It's How We See Ourselves That Matters Especially When We Have A Supersized Ego

FUTURE DEMOCRATS - They're Not Born Here, They're Imported

THOSE WHO VOTED FOR OBAMA - We Feel Your Pain Literally

GULF OIL CLEANUP - He's Just Not That Into It

TURN OUT THE LIGHTS - His Party's Over (And Finished)

HEY OBAMA - I Want My Country Back Dude.

... SIGH ... - It looks like I will have to fix this recession by myself. Thank God that clown will be gone in January 2013.

STIMULUS MONEY - Here's Something You Can Waste Yours On

2008 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION - I Pulled The Lever For Obama I Hope That This Makes Up For That Blunder God Forgive Me

PROPHECIES - These Seem Pretty Accurate

KICK ASS - He's Doing It Wrong (As Usual)

BP OIL SPILL - People Know That BP Contributed Huge To Obama People Also Know Obama Ignored This Problem The People Are Getting Angrier, Mr. President